my half-assed review of “Roma”

i’m in the middle of watching ROMA and feel bored by it. the visual narrative, which would seem to be the majority of it’s appeal, as there is little dialogue with no real depth, is somewhat interesting but distant, perhaps as is his memory of that time which from what i remember of his introduction to the film, this was his era he lived through or something like that. it feels like it should be titled “a day in the life of an affluent family in mexico in the 1970s”. the director also seems very attracted to water and emphasizes this element in several ways throughout the film. i like and dislike that it is in black and white. different sounds blast through your ear at one point so you really feel like you are there, experiencing it first hand, such as noise from street vendors or marching bands. it would be interesting if this film wins best picture but i doubt it will. their are several good shots as well, interesting and telling pictures, which makeup the majority of the storytelling. the main character, a maid/nanny of the family of a doctor, is a story in and of herself, needing no words, but uses gestures, movements, expression and simple dialogue to tell her story. the one person so far with a monologue was the man who impregnated her, about his passion for martial arts, while completely naked and exposed, which was interesting. perhaps words expose themselves when people do, or we cover our words with clothing, and let that do the talking. there are several forms of communication and interpretations. the film is inherently artsy which is why i don’t like it, but is also why i am drawn to it. maybe i will revise this review if and when i finish watching it.


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