more thoughts on “Roma”

i feel like an asshole. guilt tripped because of the content of the story being told. *spoiler alert* the heroine loses her baby and the father of the child turns out to be a complete douchebag and threatens to murder both of them (a foreshadowing of the child’s fate, a girl born dead) if she continues to seek him out for support. the doctor also leaves his wife for his mistress and abandons his family. men who do this are cowards yet sadly it is often done leaving children fatherless. but i digress. half way through the art film turned telenovela, my attention was grasped and the main actress’s acting ability shined through. i hope she wins best actress by the oscars. but alas, the uc santa cruz student in me is saying eff the oscars, that there is no talent in the film industry, it’s all run by the bourgeois, etc. the dramatic, distant camera work was an intentional device, used usually by directors of war films to get wide shots of battle scenes, and was a way to dramatize a simple, and common story but also larger themes of struggle. the student protest scene shot was done particularly well. the imagery of water was also intentionally used to speak of the water crisis in mexico at the time (and continues today?), which made me feel like a naive idiot unaware of the world around me for not realizing this initially. the water metaphor is obvious, the kids in the film even almost drown in it, there’s a fire and they all start yelling, “we need water!”. i mean, the story should be renamed “a day in the life..” or “mexico needs clean water, help us please!” i’m reminded of news coverage of when hurricane katrina hit and supposedly mexico helped by providing water purifiers of some kind for the u.s.. another scene that stood out to me was the martial arts training, where a rather cheesily clad trainer did a yoga pose, saying only few true athletes can hold the pose and while everyone is trying to do it, the main character, Cleo, stands there in the pose. the build up of the importance of this pose spoken by the trainer which was easily mastered by Cleo, was moving and often the case, those we least expect it. artists are bums and bums are artists, geniuses are alcoholic failures and supposed “geniuses” are successful entrepreneurs. they’re all one in the same, but different embodiments.


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